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We Proudly Set Aside A Portion of Our Funds For Our Annual College Scholarship Program

2022 Scholarship

The Metal of Honor Fund offers scholarships to deserving high school seniors every year.  Click below for the most recent application.  The deadline is May 20th, so act fast!

Metal of Honor Fund has raised over half a million dollars for charities in the surrounding Hercules Industries areas.

We welcome your support to help us make 2022 another year like no other.  Any donations you entrust with us will be put to good use.  100% of what we are given is returned through our donations and projects.  We are a 501c(3) organization; your donations are tax-deductible.  If you want to help us do more, you can contribute by donating on our website, or through a check to the Metal of Honor Fund.      Donate Now

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