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A little about us

Metal of Honor Fund has raised over half a million dollars for charities in the surrounding Hercules Industries areas.

We welcome your support to help us make 2023 another year like no other.  Any donations you entrust with us will be put to good use.  100% of what we are given is returned through our donations and projects.  We are a 501c(3) organization; your donations are tax-deductible.  If you want to help us do more, you can contribute by donating on our website, or through a check to the Metal of Honor Fund.      Donate Now

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A review of 2023 with the Metal of Honor Fund

2023 was probably the most successful year that the Metal of Honor Fund has ever experienced. And that is all because of people like YOU!

The year started with building bikes for a local elementary school. 45 deserving kids received a brand new bike!

Our annual golf tournament was a success and we raised $30,000 for Homes for our Troops and some much deserving veterans. 

The fund once again awarded $10,000 in college scholarships to some very worthy graduating high school seniors. 

Then this fall, the fund set a new record in the annual turkey drive, raising about $40,000 to provide 55,000 pounds of turkey to food banks and homeless shelters throughout our footprint. 

Finally, to close the year, the fund provided many gifts to families without the means. I heard so many heart warming stories of the ways that our Hercules branches took this project to heart and really touched the lives of many people. 

These are just a few of things that you helped make possible through the Metal of Honor fund in 2023.  We applaud all of you who invested in these various activities.

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